Havnevik/Ramble (eds): From Bhakti to Bon

Havnevik/Ramble (eds): From Bhakti to Bon

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Festschrift for Per Kværne

Per Kværne has made an inestimable contribution to the study of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan art and, above all, the Bon religion. This volume contains scholarly articles by some forty scholars in Tibetan Studies from twenty different countries written to honour him on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

In keeping with the breadth of Professor Kværne’s scholarship, the volume brings together articles that deal with ritual, mythology, historiography, iconography, grammar, medicine and healing, relics, spiritual songs, nuns and female reincarnation lineages and monastic organization in Tibetan and Himalayan societies, both Bon and Buddhist.


Acknowledgements . Xi

Editorial Note Xii

Tabula Gratulatoria Xiii

Hanna Havnevik—Indologist, Tibetologist And Historian Of Religions: The Academic Career Of Per Kværne 1

Rinzin Thargyal—A Poem Written In Honour Of Professor Per Kværne On His 70th Birthday 19

Jean-Luc Achard—Les Enseignements De L’a Khrid Selon G.Yor Po Me Dpal (1134–1169) Et Leurs Développements Ultérieurs 21

Agata Bareja-Starzynska—A Bonpo Text On The Propitiation Of Serpent Deities (Klu ’bum Dkar Po) In Mongolian 39

Christopher I. Beckwith And Michael L. Walter—Dating And Characterization Of The Old Tibetan Annals And The Chronicle 53

Yael Bentor—Women On The Way To Enlightenment 89

Daniel Berounsky—A Dialogue Between The Priest And The Deer 97

Henk Blezer—Notes On An Unidentified Thangka Of The Black-Cloak Mahakala 113

Katia Buffetrille—Some Remarks On Bya Rung Kha Shor And Other Buddhist Replicas In A Mdo 133

Cathy Cantwell And Rob Mayer—The Winged And The Fanged 153

Geoff Childs And Namgyal Choedup—From Servant (G.Yog Mo) To Disciple (Slob Ma): Modernity, Migration, And Evolving Life Course Options For Buddhist Nuns 171

Michela Clemente—The Literary Work Of Lha Btsun Rin Chen Rnam Rgyal 185

Elena De Rossi Filibeck— Disegni Di Strumenti Magici (Zor) Da Un Manoscritto Trovato A Lamayuru 201

Heidi Fjeld And Benedikte V. Lindskog—Ontological Separation In A State Of Continuity: Exploring Tibetan And Mongolian Domestic Space 209

Amy Heller—Three Early Bonpo Thangka And Their Consecration Inscriptions 225

Nathan W. Hill—Some Tibetan First-Person Plural Inclusive Pronouns 241

Theresia Hofer—Bodies In Balance And Biographies Of Objects: The Art Of Tibetan Medicine 249

Toni Huber—Descent, Tutelaries And Ancestors. Transmission Among Autonomous, Bon Ritual Specialists In Eastern Bhutan And The Mon-Yul Corridor 271

Matthew T. Kapstein—Dohas And Gray Texts: Reflections On A Song Attributed To Ka?ha 291

Samten G. Karmay—The Protector Deities Of A Bonpo Funeral Rite 303

Erberto Lo Bue—A Zhabs-Brtan Ceremony Performed In A Rnying-Ma Household At Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal (1986) 325

Dan Martin—Yak Snot: Padampa’s Animal Metaphors And The Question Of Indian-Ness (Theirs And His) 337

Katsumi Mimaki—Rma Bya Kha ’bab (The River Flowing From The Mouth Of A Peacock)—Traditions, Indian And Tibetan, Buddhist And Bon, Concerning The Four Great Rivers 351

Saul Mullard—Reading Ethnic Conflict In Sikkimese History: The Case Of The Assassination Of Chancellor Bho Lod 367

Giacomella Orofino—A Note On Two Theogonic Myths Found In A Bon Magic Ritual 381

Françoise Pommaret—Men Have Titles, Women Have Property. A Note On The History Of Wangdu Choling, Bumthang, Bhutan 395

Charles Ramble—Fearless Dawn, Bloodless Demon: Literary And Iconographic Manifestations Of A Little-Known Bonpo Protector 409

Ulrike Roesler—The Vinaya Of The Bon Tradition 431

Donatella Rossi— Alcune Riflessioni Sull’interrelazione Fra La Semantica E La Divinazione 449

Nicola Schneider—Female Incarnation Lineages: Some Remarks On Their Features And Functions In Tibet 463

Mona Schrempf—Spider, Soul, And Healing In Eastern Bhutan 481

Per Sørensen And Olle Qvarnström—Coveted Relic: The Khasarpa?i Idol Of Bhutan 497

Brigitte Steinmann—De La Polysémie Du Terme “Bon”: Une Perspective Anthropologique 513

Axel Kristian Strøm—Rgyud Smad Monastery In India: A Remarkable Case Of “Institutional Transmigration” 525

Helga Uebach—Two Indian Loanwords In Old Tibetan: Men-Tri And Phra-Men 543

Roberto Vitali—Populations And Rivers Of Stag-Gzig (From An Account Of The Late G.Yung-Drung Bon Literature) 551

List of Contributors 565

ISBN 978-82-7099-817-3, 566 pp., hardcover
Format: 17x24 cm, weight 1,4 kg, year of publication 2015, language: English

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