Doerr et al. (eds.): Humanists and the digital toolbox

Doerr et al. (eds.): Humanists and the digital toolbox

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In honour of Christian-Emil Smith Ore

Christian-Emil Smith Ore, Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN) at the University of Oslo, turned sixty in 2017. Ore has been a central force behind the digitisation of scholarly collections at Norwegian universities for close to thirty years, with a special focus on the humanities. 

This Festschrift gives an image of Ore’s influence in the landscape of research in the humanities based on digital methods. Ore and his team have engaged in this area, providing new types of access and new forms of cross disciplinary connections through the exploration of new methodologies, which in turn has caused change in the factual basis for humanist research.

Ore’s research interests include digitial humanities, cultural heritage informatics, lexicography, African languages, text encoding, the scholarly treatment of text, concept modelling, ontologies and information architecture. This volume is rich and broad in content, and no sense of the word lightweight fits to describe it.

The book includes twelve articles in three sections: digital humanities, African lexicography, and Norwegian lexicography and language documentation. An important early article by Ore is included, as well as a bibliography of Christian-Emil Smith Ore’s printed work.



A brief note on Christian-Emil Smith Ore

Digital humaniora

Making multidisciplinary resources
Christian-Emil Ore

Forgotten in small things, but found in Big Data
Lars Forseth

EDEN – The Erlangen Epigraphic Web Database of Ancient Inscriptions
Guenther Goerz and Martin Scholz

Digitaliserat litterärt kulturarv?
Mats Malm

Literature studies in Literateca: between digital humanities and corpus linguistics
Diana Santos

Georeferencing museum collections
Espen Uleberg and Mieko Matsumoto

Afrikansk leksikografi

From general to terminological dictionaries: Planned language development through the ALLEX-ALRI research programme

Emmanuel Chabata

The Catalytic Role of Monolingual Lexicography in Language Development: impact of the ALLEX Shona dictionaries
Herbert Chimhundu, Nomalanga Mpofu-Hamadziripi and Emmanuel Chabata

The design and implementation of a corpus management system for the isiZulu National Corpus
Langa Khumalo, Valentine Azom, Peter Olukanmi

Passive Construction in Bantu: The case of Nyungwe and Yaawo
Armindo Ngunga and Crisófia Langa da Câmara

Norsk leksikografi

Ord og ordsamlarar frå Vest-Telemark i Norsk Ordbok
Kristin Bakken

Alf Prøysen i Norsk Ordbok
Lars S. Vikør

The Norsk Ordbok project: The close integration of lexicography and scientific programming
Åse Wetås

Bibliography: Books, edited books, book sections and journal papers

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