Vandenbussche et al. (eds.): Language Ecology for the 21st Century: Linguistic Conflicts and Social Environments

Vandenbussche et al. (eds.): Language Ecology for the 21st Century: Linguistic Conflicts and Social Environments

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Einar Haugen’s theory of language ecology is considered by many to mark the finest hour of one of the greatest linguists of our times. This volume seeks to explore the continued value and applicability of Haugen’s ecolinguistic views, both in the development of current sociolinguistic theory and practice, and in a series of case-studies on language ecological issues within and beyond Europe.


Preface 7

1. The ecology of language in the twenty-first century 9
Wim Vandenbussche, Ernst Håkon Jahr, Peter Trudgill

Theoretical approaches to language ecology

2. Language ecology in the work of Einar Haugen 15
Stig Eliasson

3. Your place or mine? Kinship, residence patterns, and language change 65
Kees Versteegh

4. The contribution of the ecology of language to the advancement of linguistic profiling: some notes and some preliminary suggestions on further improvements 95
Jeroen Darquennes

5. On the fragility of language status: Abstand, distance, and the ecology of Ausbau sociolinguistics 115
Peter Trudgill

Language ecology from European perspectives

6. Iberian language ecologies: notes on history and the current situation 137
Joan A. Argenter

7. Historical language sociology – or rather language ecology? 165
Gro-Renée Rambø

8. Dialect ecology: the case of Norway – history and background 189
Ernst Håkon Jahr

Language ecology beyond European perspectives

9. South Africa’s language ecology – hierarchies, hegemonies and resistances 209
Ana Deumert

10. Maori in the 21st century: climate change for a minority language? 241
Ray Harlow and Julie Barbour

11. Place and purpose: indexicality in ecological perspective 267
Miriam Meyerhoff

12. Language ecology in Africa. The case of Botswana 293
Lars-Gunnar Andersson

Index 317

ISBN 978-82-7099-748-0, 342 pp., hardcover
Format: 17x24 cm, weight 0,8 kg, year of publication 2013, language: English

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