Grannes, Alf (red.): A Dictionary of Turkisms in Bulgarian

Grannes, Alf (red.): A Dictionary of Turkisms in Bulgarian

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The nearly five hundred years of Ottoman rule in Bulgaria left many traces in the language of the Bulgarians. Puristic counteraction during Bulgaria's National Revival period and after Bulgarian independence sought to eliminate turkisms from the literary language, but many still remain, especially in colloquial language and in the dialects.

This dictionary presents the most complete catalogue of Turkish lexical influence on Bulgarian to date, consolidating and building on previously available collections of Turkish words. Material has been excerpted from Bulgarian dictionaries published in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as from dialect studies. The volume consists of three parts: a lexicon, an index, and a reverse-alphabetical list. The lexicon part lists 7427 headwords with 3917 variants, all of them with definitions in English and Bulgarian and indication of the Turkish source-word.

This material is supplemented by an index, where all Turkish source-words are shown in alphabetical order with pointers to their Bulgarian equivalents as well as to Serbocroatian equivalents, and a reverse-alphabetical list of the Bulgarian turkisms.

Alf Grannes (+2000), professor of Slavic linguistics at the University of Bergen.

Kjetil Rå Hauge, senior lecturer of Bulgarian at the University of Oslo.

Hayriye Süleymanoğlu, senior lecturer, has taught Turkish at Sofia University and Muğla University, and Bulgarian at Ankara University.

The Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture Oslo

ISBN 978-82-7099-348-2


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