Eggen/Issa (eds.): Philologists in the World

Eggen/Issa (eds.): Philologists in the World

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A Festschrift  in Honour of Gunvor Mejdell

This anthology is dedicated to Professor of Arabic Language and Culture, Gunvor Mejdell, in acknowledgement of and gratitude for her service through more than four decades in the field of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.

From the early 1970s onwards Gunvor Mejdell has had an outstandingly vital role in the teaching, research, and other academic activities at the University of Oslo. She has been a major contributor to the development of a Norwegian expertise on issues related to the languages, peoples and societies of the Middle East and North Africa, and has played an active role in the Norwegian public sphere. Internationally, Gunvor Mejdell has contributed substantially over the years in the field of sociolinguistics, as well as in cultural and translation studies.

This volume, Philologists in the World, reflects Gunvor Mejdell’s philological ethos. 21 articles both by young scholars as well as well-established international scholars in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, present a wide array of topics and themes organised in three sections: Language, Culture and Society.

Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture (IFSK), Series B: 168


Tabula gratulatoria


Pierre Larcher
Une formulation ancienne de la diglossie en arabe? Lugat al-qawm vs lugat al-yawm d’Ibn Faris (IVe/Xe siècle)

Jacques Grand’Henry
Moyen arabe commun et moyen arabe différencié dans une édition critique (première partie)

Kees Versteegh
Religion as a Linguistic Variable in Christian Greek, Latin, and Arabic

Olav G. Ørum
Migrated Features from Ancient Yemen and North Africa, and Vestiges of a Pre-Modern Cairene Arabic Variety

Ludmila Torlakova
Arabic Phraseology and the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Idiomatic Expressions in Arabic

Stephan Guth
The Etymology of Some Language- and Translation-Related Terms in Arabic

Ingse Skattum
“Decolonized” Onomastics? Translation of African proper names: The case of Soundjata, l’épopée mandingue by D.T. Niane

Jacob Høigilt
Everybody Can Write! Language Variety and Voice in Egyptian Youth Magazines


Saphinaz-Amal Naguib
Forgotten Things: Pen-Boxes and their Stories

Liesbeth Zack
Vulgar and Literary Arabic in Nineteenth-century Egypt: A Study of Three Textbooks

Karin Holter
Meursault, contre-enquête : dialogue intertextuel, critique sociale et hommage au maître

Tetz Rooke
On the Threshold of the Cold Season – Liminality in a Novel by Miral Al-Tahawy

Reem Bassiouney
Singing as a Weapon: Conflict, Language, and Identity in the Egyptian Revolution

Jon Nordenson
Arabic Language Use on Twitter in Egypt and Kuwait

Teresa Pepe
Mixed Arabic as a Subversive Literary Style [2005–2011]


M. G. Carter
The Bibliothèque Orientale of Barthélemy d’Herbelot as a Source of Data for the History of Arabic

Knut S. Vikør
What’s in a Name? The Third Branch of Islam and Its Naming

Stine Beate Dahle and Unn Gyda Næss
Teaching Arabic in Norway in the Age of Communicative Approaches

Lutz Edzard
Issues of Translation in the Context of Diplomatic Documents and Diplomatic Discourse Involving Arabic as a Source or Target Language

Nils A. Butenschøn
The Crises of Legitimacy in Arab Politics: A Citizenship Approach

Bjørn Olav Utvik
A System to the Chaos? The Arab Spring Six Years After

ISBN 978-82-7099-904-0, 542 pp., paperback
Format: 15,5x23 cm, weight 1 kg, year of publication 2017, language: English

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