Låg, Jul (ed.): Geomedical problems related to aluminium, iron and manganese

Låg, Jul (ed.): Geomedical problems related to aluminium, iron and manganese

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The geomedical activities of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters have continued. In cooperation with the Working Group "Soils and Geomedicine" of International Society of Soil Science a new international symposium was arranged in Oslo 18.-19.11. 1993, now on the influences of the three elements aluminium, iron and manganese. Earlier the Academy has published proceedings from the following eight symposia :

"Geomedical aspects in present and future research" 1980

"Geomedical research in relation to geochemical registration" 1984

"Geomedical consequences of chemical composition of freshwater" 1987

"Commercial fertilizers and geomedical problems" 1987 "Health problems in connection with radiation from radioactive matter in fertilizers, soils and rocks" 1988

"Excess and deficiency of trace elements in relation to human and animal health in Arctic and Subarctic reg ions" 1990

"Human and animal health in relation to circulation processes of selenium and cadmium" 1991

"Chemical climatology and geomedical problems" 1992

The Working Group of ISSS was established in 1986, and after that time it has been involved in the symposia arrangements. Secretary of this Working Group has been Professor R. Dudal, Belgium, and chairman Professor J. Låg, Norway.

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