Låg, Jul (ed.): Geomedical problems in developing countries

Låg, Jul (ed.): Geomedical problems in developing countries

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This book is a collection of papers presented at a symposium entitled "Geomedical problems in developing countries" held in Oslo 28.10. - 29.10. 1999. The symposium is a result of a collaboration established in 1986 between the Working Group "Soils and Geomedicine" of the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS) and the Geomedical Committee of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, both with Professor, Dr. J. Låg as chairman. Professor Låg also served as a chairman of the present symposium and editor of the proceedings. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was finished.

Professor Låg was born in 1915 in Flesberg, Norway and was Professor of Soil Science at the Agricultural University of Norway during the period 1949-1985. He was among the most prominent soil scientists of his generation, and made significant contributions to several scientific disciplines. During his later years much of his work was devoted to the field of Geomedicine, which he defined as the science dealing with the influence of ordinary environmental factors on the geographical distribution of health problems in man and animals. In 1990 he published the book "Geomedicine" on CRC Press. Almost every year since 1980 he arranged special symposia in the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on several topics relevant to geomedicine, each time with a book as the final outcome of the meeting. The present volume is number 13 in the series of books from these symposia.

Professor Låg's work in general and his geomedical symposia in particular have been very important in promoting this interdisciplinary field of science. The two groups organizing the present meeting have a firm intention to continue and further develop the valuable work that Professor Låg did over so many years. A first step in this direction will be the next Oslo Symposium on Geomedicine scheduled for June 2001 on the topic "Natural Ionizing Radiation and Health".

Eiliv Steinnes

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