Grue/Almås (Eds.): Food from the Ocean - Norway's Opportunities

Grue/Almås (Eds.): Food from the Ocean - Norway's Opportunities

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John Grue and Karl A. Almås: Preface

Karl A. Almås and John Grue: Introduction - Norway, a Maritime Country and a Global Seafood Producer

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen: Challenges and Opportunities for Norwegian Aquaculture - A Research Perspective

Karl A. Almås: Values Created from Productive Oceans in 2050

Yngvar Olsen: Ecological Principles and Options for Seafood Production

Stig W. Omholt, Arne B. Gjuvsland and Jon Olav Vik: The Digital Salmon - Key to both More Science and More Profit.

Ragnar Tveterås: Growth and Innovation in Aquaculture: Can the Blue Revolution Continue?

Liv Monica Stubholt: HAV21 - An R&D Strategy for a Marine Nation of Substance

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