Holbek/Kristiansen/Randøy (Eds.): Management for Progress

Holbek/Kristiansen/Randøy (Eds.): Management for Progress

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Festschrift in honor of the manifold academician Professor Harald Knudsen

This is a festschrift to honour Harald Knudsen, who reaches the age of 70 in 2013 after a long professional career, primarily as an academician but also as a consultant.

The title of the festschrift has two parts. The first is “Management for Progress”. According to the Oxford Dictionary, progress implies a “forward or onward movement” or an “advance or development, especially towards a better state”. In this festschrift a better state implies improved knowledge and understanding of management issues. This reflects a central concern in Harald Knudsen’s research and teaching; management for progress is a knowledge-improving journey, which may ultimately contribute to human progress by improving the instrumental and ethical functioning of organizations.

The second part of the book’s title is “The Manifold Academician”. This is an expression of Harald Knudsen’s personal and professional diversity and richness, and also highlights the need for variety and depth in scientific contributions to management progress.

When considered together, the 14 scientific chapters reveal a series of subject areas that have commonly been found in recent writings on management. Firstly, the importance of interdisciplinary approaches is implicitly present in the use of concepts and frameworks. Secondly, ethical issues are emphasized, not in a separate section, but in explicit relation to the subject area of concern: leadership, strategy and innovation. Thirdly, the scientific articles demonstrate, with limited editorial guidance, that management for progress is a border-crossing activity.

That Harald Knudsen himself has been heavily involved in border-crossing activity is clearly demonstrated in the seven, many-sided biographical sketches towards the end of the book, written by friends and cooperative partners.

List of Content

Preface 5

List of Academic Contributors 9

List of Peer Reviewers 11

Chapter 1: Introduction 13

Section I: Knowledge, Leadership and Jazz

Chapter 2: Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen: Knowledge Organizations: Developing Knowledge in Practice 21

Chapter 3: Jonny Holbek: Rigor and Relevance in Management and Organization Studies 54

Chapter 4: Paul Leer-Salvesen: Loyalty and Obedience: Challenges in Ethical Leadership 80

Chapter 5: Jarle Trondal: Organized Systems and the Ambiguities of Behavior and Change: Observations from Universities and Jazz Orchestras 91

Section II: Strategy, Innovation and Change

Chapter 6: Stein Kristiansen: Crossing Borders to Widen Perspectives 115

Chapter 7: Kjell Grønhaug: The Concept of Open Innovation Revisited 136

Chapter 8: Andreas W. Falkenberg: Integrity and Integration: An Oxymoron? 149

Chapter 9: Knut J. Ims: Social Innovations in Poor Countries: Reflections on Innovation and Ethics 175

Chapter 10: Joyce Falkenberg and Inger Stensaker: What is Implementation Success? 195

Chapter 11: Jan Inge Jenssen: Change Resistance in Organizations: Reasons and Measures – A Litterature Review 212

Section III: International Management

Chapter 12: Trond Randøy: Revisiting Harald Knudsen’s Journal of International Business Studies 1974 Article: “Explaining The National Propensity to Expropriate: An Ecological Approach” 235

Chapter 13: Roy Mersland, Celeste de la Huerta and Daudi Pascal: From the Inside of the PhD Program in International Management 241

Chapter 14: Otto Andersen: Foreign Entry Mode Choice: The Contribution of Jean-François Hennart and Erin Anderson 256

Chapter 15: Bjørn-Tore Flåten: Do Organizational Boundaries Still Matter? 269

Section IV: Biographical Sketches

Øystein Gaasholt and Arne Kvalheim: Some Friendships Last Forever 289

Idar Magne Holme: Development of a Syncopated Leader 291

Steinar Finseth: Mentor and Leader in Administrations 293

Jan Duvaland: Breaking Walls 295

Karl Robertsen: The Practice-Oriented Academic 296

Olav Berthelsen: The Academic as Consultant 297

Ashatu Kijaji: Professor of Diversity and Learning 299

Tabula Gratulatoria 301

ISBN 978-82-7099-734-3, 303 pp., paperback
Format: 17x24 cm, weight 0,5 kg, year of publication 2013, language: English

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