Burke, William J.: Kristian Birkeland's Message

Burke, William J.: Kristian Birkeland's Message

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In 2005 the Birkeland Lecture was included in a one day seminar organized as part of the celebration of Hydro's (and Yara's) 100 years anniversary. Apart from this anniversary, 2005 was also a special year since it was decreed as the World Year of Physics by the United Nations, and Kristian Birkeland was honored by the Norwegian Committee to represent Norwegian physics and the Norwegian physicists in this year. Hence the seminar was also a celebration of the person Kristian Birkeland, who probably is the internationally best known Norwegian physicist. The topic for the seminar was Kristian Birkeland as scientist, innovator and industry founder, and Dr. William J. Burke was invited to speak about Kristian Birkeland's message from the Sun - its meaning then and now.

Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi (DNVA)

ISBN 978-82-7099-441-0, 33 pages, binding: paperback
Format: 17x24 cm, weight: 0,1 kg, year of publication: 2006

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