Siegmund-Schultze, R. et al. (eds.) - Perspectives

Siegmund-Schultze, R. et al. (eds.) - Perspectives

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on Scandinavian Science in the Early Twentieth Century

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Mat.-Nat. (DNVAMN) 1

Until recent decades, historians of science and technology have tended to focus on the great innovations that took place at the great centres of science, typically in various Central European or North American countries. Historiographical and sociological reflections on science and technology in the Scandinavian countries have been scarce. Nevertheless, peripheral communities such as the Scandinavian ones provide insightful contrasts to the development at the centres.
The present volume is based on an international conference held at Agder University College in May 2005, which had partial foci also on the dissolution of the political union between Norway and Sweden and on Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis both of 1905. Several of the contributions show that there was a general connection between political and scientific renewal at that time, which affected the Scandinavian countries as well.
Hopefully, this book will contribute to enlarging our perspective on a period of important modernisation and change in Scandinavian science and technology a hundred years ago.

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