Tromsø Linguistics in the Eighties

Tromsø Linguistics in the Eighties

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The present book is your ticket to an exciting journey. Through 23 different and often multilingual guides, the reader is provided with a good insight into fields of linguistic research being carried out at the University of Tromsø. Against sharp competition, this linguistic community was in 1990 awarded the Prize for Outstanding Re search from the Norwegian Research Council for Science and the Humanities. The prize - 2.5 million NOK - is given not only as a deserved token honour to brilliant scientists and researchers, but more especially to stimulate them and their milieu to even greater excellence.

The linguistic community of Tromsø, personified by Professors Tove Bull, Ernst Håkon Jahr and Knut Tarald Taraldsen, and re search fellow Toril Fiva, satisfied all the decisive criteria in the nomination process. They have, of course, contributed to the present anthology.

The linguists of Tromsø

• are scientifically productive

• cooperate very successfully across the borders of disciplines systematically educate new scholars

• are active in international scientific circles Finally, through their vital participation in debates on language policy and their talent for popularization, many of them are well known to the Norwegian public.

When the four researchers received the prize from the Norwegian Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Einar Steensnes, in Oslo, 21 June 1990, Ms. Toril Fiva gave a speech of thanks in her own Nord land dialect. This could be seen as symbolic in that dialects and the relationship between language and gender are two of the topics studied by the linguists of Tromsø. Their «<laboratory» also includes numerous subjects and languages requiring the expertise of knowledgable linguists in order to gain insight from such a Tower of Babel. In addition, much of this insight is highly applicable within information technology and classroom language teaching.

Unlike the earlier volumes of the series Tromsø Studies in Linguistics which were monographs, this 11th volum is an anthology. This decision by the series editors Ernst Håkon Jahr and Ove Lorentz makes for a welcome opportunity for our Council to take part in presenting one of our prize winners to an international audience.

Oslo, in August 1990

Leif Arne Heløe
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