Breivik, Leiv Egil: Existential there

Breivik, Leiv Egil: Existential there

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Leiv Egil Breivik and Stig Johansson


1. KURT RYDLAND. Vowel Systems and Lexical-Phonemic Patterns in South-East Cumbria. A Study in Structural Dialectology. Bergen, 1982. Pp. xviii + 439.

2. LEIV EGIL BREIVIK. Existential There. A Synchronic and Diachronic Study. Oslo, 1990. 2nd edition. Pp. xii + 321.

3. INGER CHRISTENSEN. The Shadow of the Dome. Organicism and Romantic Poetry. Bergen, 1985. Pp. 170. 4. Essays on English Language in Honour of Bertil Sundby. Oslo, 1989. Pp. xxii + 396.

ISSN 0333-4791 ISBN 978-82-7099-158-7

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