Trudgill, Peter: Norwegian as a normal language and other studies in Scandinavian linguistics

Trudgill, Peter: Norwegian as a normal language and other studies in Scandinavian linguistics

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From Peter Trudgill’s foreword: The papers in this volume [...] were published over a period of more than 40 years, between 1973 and 2016, during which time my views and interests have of course changed and, hopefully, developed.

The older pieces may perhaps therefore be of historical interest. Some of the chapters in this book are lengthy papers where I have worked out my ideas about language change and language structure through an examination of the Scandinavian languages. There are others which are briefer and lighter pieces; and the final section of the book consists of reviews and essays which are even briefer. I hope that at least some readers will find at least some of these contributions of at least some interest.


Preface from the series editor

1. Dual-source pidgins and reverse creoloids: northern perspectives on language contact
2. Sociolinguistic dialect typology: contact and isolation in Nordic dialects
3. Norwegian as a normal language
4. On locating the boundary between language contact and dialect contact: Low German and continental Scandinavia
5. On the Scandinavian input to the Norfolk dialect
6. Gender maintenance and loss in Totenmålet, English, and other major Germanic varieties
7. Geographical diffusion and gender reduction in Bergen Norwegian: a North-Sea perspective
8. The uniformitarian principle and the Ausbau sociolinguistics of mediaeval Bergen
9. Sociolinguistic studies in Norway 1970–1991: a critical overview
10. The influence of linguistic situations on sociolinguistic theories: Scandinavian sociolinguistics
11. Dialect contact and dialect mixture: the Svalbard perspective
12. Parallels and differences in the linguistic development of Modern Greek and Modern Norwegian
13. Linguistic change and diffusion: description and explanation in sociolinguistic dialect geography

Essays and Reviews

14. Norsified English or Anglicised Norse? Review of J. Emonds & J.T. Faarlund English: The Language of the Vikings
15. The language of the Vikings
16. Review of E.H. Jahr Talemålet i skolen
17. Review of K. Venås Mål og miljø: innføring i sosiolingvistikk eller språksosiologi
18. Review of B. Birkeland & B.N. Kvalsvik Folkemål og danning; and W. Gerdener Der Purismus in Nynorsk
19. Review of E.B. Johnsen (ed.) Vårt eget språk (3 vols)
20. Review of H. Omdal Med språket på flyttefot: språkvariasjon og språkstrategier blant setesdøler i Kristiansand



Tabula gratulatoria

Studia Nordica 7

ISBN 978-82-8390-007-1, 262 pp., paperback
Format: 17x24 cm, weight 0,6 kg, year of publication 2018, language: English

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