Hvenekilde, Anne et al. (eds.): Meetings at the Crossroads

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This book is a result of meetings of many kinds at various crossroads. First of all, it is about encounters between the majority populations in The Netherlands and Norway and people who have migrated to these countries during the past decades, and about encounters between members of later generations with minority and majority backgrounds who have grown up in a multilingual and multicultural environment. Secondly, the book is the result from meetings between the participants of two large research projects, the TCULT project in the Netherlands (Talen en Culturen in het Utrechtse Lombok en Transvaal Languages and Cultures in Lombok and Transvaal, Utrecht) and the KUSK project in Norway (Kultur- og språkkontakt Cultural and linguistic contact), both of which have studied cultural and linguistic processes in multilingual and multicultural environments.
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