Mikalsen et al. (eds.): Modernity - Unity in Diversity

Mikalsen et al. (eds.): Modernity - Unity in Diversity

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Essays in Honour of Helge Høibraaten

Editors: Kjartan Koch Mikalsen, Erling Skjei and Audun Øfsti

This collection of essays is a tribute to Helge Høibraaten published on the occasion of his 70th birthday and retire­ment from his position as professor of philosophy at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Theory of modern society and culture has been central in Høibraaten’s research, but his intellectual interests are far-reaching and cover many fields within and beyond philosophy. The 26 essays in this book address some of these manifold and diverse topics. In addition to essays on theory of society, the collection contains essays on ­political and legal philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, modernist culture, traditions of memory and remembrance, and philosophy of pedagogy.


Tabula Gratulatoria


How Our Universal Moral Grammar Can Cope With the Cultural Loss of the Centre. Some remarks on the further development of evolutionary theory of law and constitution
Hauke Brunkhorst

Adam Smith as a Classic in Sociology
Ragnvald Kalleberg

Victor Klemperer and the Language of Totalitarianism
Nils Gilje

Carl Schmitt and Raoul Salan: Transformations of the Partisan
Øyvind Østerud

Politik – Religion – Politische Religion. Eine Aphorismensammlung
Richard Faber

What’s Wrong with Democratic Theory?
Stephen Holmes

Kant and Habermas on the Democratic Rule of Law
Kjartan Koch Mikalsen

Are There Any (Absolute) Political Obligations?
Lars Johan Materstvedt

Kant on the Right to Renounce Rights
Bjørn K. Myskja

Freedom of Religion or Belief as a Human Right
Tore Lindholm

Limits of Tolerance between Real and Fictitious Publics
May Thorseth

Descriptive Representation for Disadvantaged Groups
Reidar Maliks

Political CSR and the Colonization of the Lifeworld
Siri Granum Carson

State, Society, and Territory: An Auseinandersetzung with Ulrich Beck
Audun Øfsti

On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Transcendental Pragmatics for Life. A historical perspective on the late Frankfurt School (Apel, Habermas, Wellmer)
Gunnar Skirbekk

Against Determinism. A Critique Seeking Support in Transcendental Pragmatics and Analytical Theory of Action
Jon Hellesnes

Remarks on Self-Refutation Arguments against Determinism
Erling Skjei

Reason, Will, and Direction of Fit. Critical Reflections on the Objectivism of Derek Parfit’s On What Matters
Truls Wyller

Eight Blue Puppies and a Mondrian Cake. Some Perspectiveson Selected Cases of Appropriation Art and Intellectual Property Rights
Hege Charlotte Faber

Becoming “Now”: Sublimity, Faith, and Contemporaneity
Brit Strandhagen

The Persistence of the Past in the Present: The Eternal Return and Contemporary Life and Art
Solveig Bøe

Kierkegaard and Nietzsche: Despair and Nihilism Converge
Roe Fremstedal

The Imagination of Cultural Modernity: Heidegger and Cassirer in Davos
Ståle R.S. Finke

Memory and Conflict. Reflections on the Abuse of Memory – and on Finding Community through Memory
Henrik Syse and Asbjørn Bjornes

Learning thinking: About the role and purpose of propaedeutics
Thomas Dahl

What Is Wisdom?
Charles Larmore


ISBN 978-82-7099-840-1, 570 pp., hardcover
Format: 17x24 cm, weight: 1,4 kg kg, year of publication 2016, languages: English (one article in German)

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