Nalivaika/Tin (eds.): Phenomenology of the Everyday

Nalivaika/Tin (eds.): Phenomenology of the Everyday

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The everyday is what is closest and most familiar to everyone, and yet it tends to escape our attempts to seize it. The everyday is daily routine, but it may also open for encounters with the extraordinary. It may be perceived as both authentic and inauthentic being. This intriguing ambiguity has made the everyday one of the most vividly discussed philosophical topics.

The book includes a general introduction to the everyday in contemporary philosophy, as well as a number of specialized articles. These articles provide short presentations of important 20th and 21st century thinkers of the everyday. The pertinence of their approaches is visualised in empirical studies of the everyday and its representations in photography, film, theatre, childhood narratives and painting.

When we have assembled these articles under the title Phenomenology of the everyday it is both in the stricter sense of the philosophical endeavour launched by Edmund Husserl, that provides us with a guiding line rather than a strict prescript, and in the wider sense of a description of significant features of a phenomenon that concerns us all and that nobody can reject as irrelevant.

The authors of the articles are junior and senior researchers from Belarus and Norway: Espen Dahl, Darya Hirhel, Ina Nalivaika, Aliona Pazdniakova, Ellen Schrumpf, Anna Shirokanova, Jan Ove Tangen and Mikkel B. Tin.


Foreword 8

Ina Nalivaika and Mikkel B. Tin General Introduction 10

1. The Everyday in Philosophy 10
Rethinking Subjectivity 11
The Everyday, Everyday Life, Everydayness 13

2. Edmund Husserl and the Phenomenology of the Lifeworld 15
The Everyday According to Husserl 16
The Living Body 18
Subject and Inter-Subjectivity 19
The Everyday Lifeworld and Phenomenology 21
The Lifeworld After Husserl 23

3. The Philosophy of the Everyday as Ontology 25
Martin Heidegger 27
Alfred Schütz 31
Maurice Merleau-Ponty 32
Henri Lefebvre 38
Michel de Certeau 40
Mikhail Bakhtin 42

Provisional Conclusion 46
Literature 47

Ina Nalivaika Alternative Subjectivity 50
Vasily Rozanov 53
Michel de Certeau 55
Subjectivity and Subjectivation 57
Rozanov’s Philosophy of the Everyday 61
Michel de Certeau’s Practices of Everyday Life 69
Conclusion 81
Instead of Epilogue: Nietzsche’s Laughter 82
Literature 83

Aliona Pazdniakova Intersubjectivity in Photography:
Husserl and the Aesthetics of Oddleiv Apneseth 84
Edmund Husserl: Intersubjectivity and Image Consciousness 84
Introduction 88
Factual Photography 89
Apneseth and Conceptual Photography 93
Factual and Conceptual in Husserl’s Phenomenology 95
The Factual and the Conceptual in Photography 97
Intersubjectivity and the Other 103
Intersubjectivity and Contemporary Photography 108
I Photograph, Therefore I Am 112
Literature 115

Anna Shirokanova New Media in Everyday Life:
Reassembling the Mediated Identity 118
New Media: Nomadic Production of the Self 119
Slavoj Zizek’s New Media: Meet The Interpassive Subject 125
Dietmar Kamper’s New Media: The Deadliness of the Body’s Image 132
Rescuing the Self Online: Intersubjectivity vs. Dialogue 137
Literature 146

Jan Ove Tangen Materiality, Meaning and Power: Sport Facilites in the Everyday 150
Niklas Luhmann 150
Introduction 153
A Phenomenological Sociology? 154
A Discussion of Luhmann and Phenomenology 157
The Genre of Sport Photography 163
Observing the Material Facilities of Sport 166
Materialized Meaning and Significance 171
Conclusion 182
Literature 184

Ellen Schrumpf Working-Class Children and Their Homes 188
Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Embodiment 188
Working-Class Children 191
Materiality and Bodies 193
The Architecture of the Home 195
Clothes 202
Food 206
Illness and Death 211
Conclusion 216
Literature 218

Espen Dahl Loss and Recovery of the Everyday:
Cavell on Film 222
Stanley Cavell 223
Viewing the World and the Loss of the Everyday 226
Phenomenology, The Poetry of Film and the Recovery of the Everyday 233
Literature 241

Darya Hirhel­ Theatre as the Overcoming of ‘Everydayness’:
Chekhov’s Dramaturgy in the Light of Bakhtin’s Philosophy 244
Mikhail Bakhtin 245
The Nature of Theatre and the Essence of Aesthetic Activity 249
The Everyday and Everydayness in Chekhov’s Dramaturgy 257
Literature 271

Mikkel B. Tin Natural and Insane in Painting: Ludwig Binswanger and the Daseinsanalyse 274
Introduction 274
Speaking in the First-Person 275
Ludwig Binswanger 278
From Natural Experience to Insanity 282
Insane Pictures 284
Appearance and Representation 287
Temporal World Relations 289
Spatial World Relations 293
Gesture 299
Spoken Speech and Speaking Speech 300
Conclusion 302
Literature 304

Afterword 308

List of illustrations 312

Contributors 316

ISBN 978-82-7099-760-2, 317 pp., paperback
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