Joranger, Terje Mikael Hasle (ed.): NAHA 2014

Joranger, Terje Mikael Hasle (ed.): NAHA 2014

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Norwegian-American Essays 2014

Migrant Journeys: The Norwegian-American Experience in a Multicultural Context

The theme of this fourteenth volume of Norwegian-American Essays, “Migrant Journeys: The Norwegian-American Experience in a Multicultural Context,” is representative of the eleven essays included here.

Between 1825 and the 1930s at least 850,000 persons emigrated from Norway to the USA, but for the last 50 years remigration also was significant. This migration pattern coincided with the overseas migration from Europe between 1815 and the 1930s with an estimated 55 million people. Although a major movement, the Atlantic migration system only existed as one of several global migration movements in this period. This said, it is by studying such migration systems more closely that we as readers can decipher details in the migrant epic. In this respect, the essays in this publication each reveal the fine fibers that make history; which were the factors that influenced migration; how did the journey affect them in their encounter with migrants from other regional, economic, and social backgrounds in the United States? As a consequence, all contributors are less concerned with the history of Norwegian migration than with aspects of American migration and ethnic history. Each article discusses the transnational nature of the emigrant story, but from various disciplinary perspectives. They treat various aspects of ethnicity formation through the dichotomy of tradition and change, in other words, through cultural retention or assimilation. The articles included in this volume thus remind us that the immigrant experience may be described through various lenses. We must bear in mind that the experiences displayed both in text and illustrations are colored by our individual perceptions. It is this fascinating universe that makes us interested in the journey of peoples found in migration studies.


Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger

John R. Christianson
The Dream of a Norwegian University in America: Luther College, 1861-2011

Odd S. Lovoll
Migration and the Norwegian Ethnic Press, 1847-2010

Kari G. Hempel
Norskamerikanske kirker og integreringsprosessen. Holdninger til integrering i norskamerikanske kirker i 1880-årene

Daron W. Olson
On Both Sides of the Atlantic: Transnational Celebrations of Norwegian National Identity, 1925-1939

David S. Faldet
The Arts and Crafts Movement, Norwegian Nation- alism, and Complementary Identity in Chicago: 1889-1917

Harris Burkhalter
Bothering the Brains of the Learned: Norwegian- American Ethnic Identity and Perceptions of the Kensington Runestone in American Popular Culture

Marvin Slind
Lingering Vestiges of Heritage: The Fate of Washington’s Selbu Community

David C. Mauk
Norwegian Americans in Minneapolis-St. Paul, 1945-75: Transformed by the Continuing Journey

David Kamm
Ole Rasmussen Dahl’s Drawings of the Southern Prisons of U. S. Officers during the American Civil War

Sigrid Lien
“What’s the meaning of it all:” Poetry and Politics in Peter Rosendahl’s Photographs from Spring Grove, Minnesota

Ola Mestad
Norway’s and Norwegian Americans’ Strategies for Recognition by the United States in the Summer of 1905 and President Roosevelt’s Response

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