Bernhoft, Aksel (Ed.): Bioactive compounds in plants

Bernhoft, Aksel (Ed.): Bioactive compounds in plants

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- benefits and risks for man and animals

Proceedings from a symposium held at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo, 13-14 November 2008

The topic is secondary metabolites produced by plants and having biochemical effects in man and animals. The huge amounts of such compounds have a broad range of effects, from being acute deadly to being healthy or curative. The book presents updated research results on bioactive compounds in plants as the basis of modern pharmacology and medical treatment, and as natural beneficial compounds in vegetable feed, food and supplements. On the other hand, bioactive plant compounds are discussed as acute poisons and as contaminants in feed and food implying risks of adverse effects in animals and man. The ingested dose of bioactive plant compounds is often decisive for whether the effect is beneficial or adverse, and the comprehension of a balanced intake is underlined. The book also covers the authorities´ management of bioactive plant compounds as herbal medicines and as compounds in feed and food at risk or maintained benefit. Finally, agricultural factors influencing the plants´ production of bioactive compounds are discussed.

ISBN 978-82-7099-583-7, 255 pp., Hardcover
Format: 17x24 cm, weight: 0,5 kg, Year of publication: 2010, language: English
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