Maegaard, Marie et al. (eds.): Language attitudes

Maegaard, Marie et al. (eds.): Language attitudes

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Language attitudes, standardization and language change is a collection of 14 papers devoted to ­developing and elucidating ideas originally conceived by the Norwegian and Danish scholar Tore Kristiansen. It is published on the occasion of his 60th birthday. This book is more than a traditional ‘Festschrift’, however. It is a coherent collection of papers by some of the world’s leading scholars in the sociolinguistic field of language attitudes, variation and change. This is because Tore Kristiansen is an unusually coherent scholar. His research programme has been developed from first principles; it covers a well defined area of (socio)linguistics and it has now reached fruition – which this book indeed is one sign of. The papers are evidence of Tore Kristiansen’s steadily growing influence. His perspective on the subjective dimensions of language change should be taken into consideration by other researchers in the field and this book is a chance to get an idea of what they may lead to.




Pia Quist and Frans Gregersen: Introduction: A Norwegian Dane,  a Danish Norwegian.... 1

Tabula Gratulatoria ....21



Nikolas Coupland: Dialects, standards and social change .... 27

Inge Lise Pedersen: The social embedding of standard ideology  through four hundred years of standardisation ....51

Helge Sandøy: Language cultures in the Nordic countries ....69

Anthony Mulac, James J. Bradac, Nicholas A. Palomares,  and Howard Giles: Exploring Subjectivity in the Gender-Linked Language Effect: A Process Model .... 89

Dennis R. Preston: Are you really smart (or stupid, or cute, or ugly,  or cool)? Or do you just talk that way? ....105


Marie Maegaard: How many standards? Investigating ‘the  double standard model’ in the light of evaluative patterns  from a young urban community .... 131

Peter Garrett and Angie Williams: Age-category boundaries and social identity strategies ....149

Nicolai Pharao: The devil in the detail: Examining some phonetic details in the guises of Speaker Evaluation Experiments in Næstved .... 163

Christoph Hare Svenstrup & Jacob Thøgersen: On the discursive construction of ”rigsdansk”, ”jysk”, ”københavnsk” and other varieties among adolescents in western Jutland ....181


Leila Mattfolk: On assessing Finland Swedish: The impact of subtle regional features ....211

Janus Spindler Møller: Stereotyping categorisations of speech styles among linguistic minority Danes in Køge ....231

Ursula Ritzau, Marta Kirilova, J. N. Jørgensen: Danish as a Second Language: Attitudes, Accents, and Variation ........................... 255

Peter Garrett: Attitudes in Japan and China towards Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, UK and US Englishes ....273

Lars Anders Kulbrandstad: “Broken Language” .... 297

Contributing authors .... 315

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