Nilsen, R.A. et al. (eds.) - Interpreting Utterances

Nilsen, R.A. et al. (eds.) - Interpreting Utterances

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Pragmatics and Its Interfaces
Essays in Honour of Thorstein Fretheim

On the occasion of Professor Thorstein Fretheim's sixty-fifth birthday on June 1, 2007, colleagues and former students, both in Norway and abroad, wish to honour him with a festschrift entitled Interpreting Utterances: Pragmatics and Its Interfaces. Essays in Honour of Thorstein Fretheim. Through his teaching, supervision and research Thorstein has made an outstanding contribution to the study of language in general, and utterance interpretation in particular.

The content of this publication reflects Thorstein's current research interests. Thus, the essays included here range from theoretically-oriented contributions that address post-Gricean issues, to empirically-based articles that seek to apply various aspects of linguistic and communication theories to real language data. These theories include the notion of relevance, procedural meaning, metarepresentation, reference assignment and grammaticalization.

ISBN 978-82-7099-455-7, 267 pp., soft cover
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