Carlsen, C. et al. (eds.): A Human Touch to Language Test

Carlsen, C. et al. (eds.): A Human Touch to Language Test

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A collection of essays in honour of Reidun Oanæs Andersen on the occasion of her retirement June 2007

Reidun Oanæs Andersen has retired from the position of director of Norsk språktest (the University of Bergen/Folkeuniversitetet), a post which she has held for the last two decades. Through her work, ­Reidun has made an ­enormous contribution to the professionalisation of the field of language ­testing in Norway. Reidun's professionalism, as well as her openheartedness, and amazing energy, care and concern for everyone around her, has made her a treasured colleague and friend to many, both within and outside Norway.
This volume is entitled A Human Touch to Language Testing, and the ­contributions address language assessment issues, primarily in a ­European or Nordic context. The focus of the articles varies, ranging from broad, general perspectives on language assessment to specific case studies examining test validation and second language acquisition.

ISBN 978-82-7099-452-6, 245 pp., Hard cover
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