Gustavsson, Anders: Historical Changes in Alcohol Contacts across the Swedish-Norwegian Border

Gustavsson, Anders: Historical Changes in Alcohol Contacts across the Swedish-Norwegian Border

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This study sheds light on the flows of alcohol over the southern part of the long national border between Sweden and Norway and how these have changed over time in different political, legal, military, and economic situations.

Special emphasis has been on studying shortage situations when no alcohol was legally available or easily accessible on one side of the border but not on the other. Particularly interesting situations are times of war, alcohol prohibition, and strikes. Views on alcohol have also had a gender aspect. In the late twentieth century the economy played a crucial part in the buying trips to Sweden by Norwegians. Taste can also play a part in these trips. The significance of the economic aspect has been greatest for the producers and sellers of illegal alcohol.

Anders Gustavsson has been a lecturer in ethnology and leader of the Center for Religious Ethnological Research at Lund University 1973–1984, professor of Ethnology at Uppsala University 1987–1997, in Ethnology and Cultural History at Oslo University 1997–2010 and subsequently senior professor at that university. Since 2011 he has been professor of Ethnology at Strömstad Academy. His areas of expertise include cultural encounters, cultural heritage, coastal culture, border culture, life transitions, popular religion, popular movements, folklife painting, tourism, alcohol and sobriety.


Border Studies
Studies of Alcohol
Labour Immigration to Norway in the Late Nineteenth Century
Cross-Border Trade from Sweden to Norway in the Late Nineteenth Century
Norwegian Prohibition on Alcohol 1916–1927
The Border Officially Closed during the Second World War
Norwegian Purchases in Sweden in the Late 1940s
Swedish Purchases in Norway in the 1950s and 1960s
Maundy Thursday as a Day for Partying and Shopping for Norwegians
Strikes in the Swedish and Norwegian Alcohol Monopolies
Norwegian Boat Tourists in Larger Numbers during the Summer
Swedish Guest Workers in Norway from the 1990s
Norwegian Beer Brought into Sweden
Sweden as a Transit Land for Smuggling to Norway
Concluding Discussion

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