Sandvik, Hilde et al. (ed.) - Pathways of the Past

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Essays in Honour of Sølvi Sogner On her 70th Anniversary 15. March 2002Professor Sogner has for many years been a leading academic in the field of demographic history in Norway and internationally, as chair of both the Norwegian and international demographic associations. Her books and articles on migration and family history are well known and ground-breaking. She has contributed a gender perspective on historical migration, as well as fertility and mortality studies. Her engagement and initiative in the judicial Court Book Project was conducive to facilitating and inspiring historical research on norms and social control in a Norwegian and Nordic context. Her wide networks with researchers in various strands of historical research have made possible a fruitful combination of social and demographic history giving many new insights, particularly about the situation of women in the past.Since 1975 professor Sølvi Sogner has taught at the History Department of the University of Oslo. This was prepared by her earlier career as a high school teacher, in the Regional Archive of Oslo, in the Norwegian Institute of Local History and as a doctoral student.This Festschrift aspires to reflect some aspects of her broad engagement throughout the years, pointing to the variety of pathways to the past represented in her research. The everyday lives of ordinary people ? individual men, women and children in the past - have always been close to her heart. This collection of articles/essays written by colleagues from many fields of research, tries to capture her empathy and interest in demography, family and gender history and the norms that affect the everyday lives of people in the past.