Kjærnes, Unni et al. (eds.): Regulating Markets

Kjærnes, Unni et al. (eds.): Regulating Markets

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Food and nutrition currently receive a great deal of popular attention. How they make their way into the political institutions and are implemented as nutrition policy is, how ever, still an open question.

The book discusses problems and di lemmas associated with nutrition policy for mulation and implementation. It presents a social science perspective on food and nutri tion policies in industrialised countries. It draws on interdisciplinary sources: sociology, economics, political science, history, anthro pology and nutrition.

Themes discussed are:

• Nutrition as a political battlefield

• Market versus state regulation • Conflicts between food production and

health interests • The problems of expert policies

• State intrusion in the private sphere

• Consumers as actors and objects

Editors and contributors are researchers from Northern European countries who met at a symposium in Denmark: The Politics of Food and Nutrition.

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