Konstantinov, Y./Alhaug, G. - Names, Ethnicity, and Politics

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Islamic Names in Bulgaria 1912-1992Names of Islamic groups in Bulgaria (Turks, Pomaks, ‘Turkish Gypsies’ and Tatars) have been subjected to a number of renaming campaigns during this century, the last of these (1984-85) provoking a massive exodus of more than 300,000 Bulgarian Turks, Pomaks and Roma (‘Gypsies’) to Turkey in June - July 1989, and precipitating the political changes in the country in November of the same year. The book presents a systematic analysis of the name behaviour of a Bulgarian Muslim (Pomak) group after changes in Bulgarian name laws were introduced in 1990. The material is based on field studies carried out by an international research team in 1990-1992. The book also touches on aspects of Turkish and Roma (‘Gypsy’) name behaviour after the changes of 1989.Tromsø Studies in Linguistics 15.