Nafstad/Papendorf (eds.): Restorative Processes from Oslo to Havana and Back

Nafstad/Papendorf (eds.): Restorative Processes from Oslo to Havana and Back

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Duscussions on Implementing and Strengthening Restorative Justice Processes in Cuba and Norway

A variety of alternatives to traditional criminal justice is practiced throughout the world, and has been for centuries in, for example, customary law systems.

In contemporary countries in the Global North, the most widespread institutionalized alternative to handling conflict in traditional criminal justice systems are various forms of restorative justice institutions. Still, the traditional way of handling conflicts - through courts, fines and prison sentences - is the dominant form. The present edited volume is a contribution to discussions of alternatives, alternatives that have the possibilities of being in the better interest of victims, offenders and communities as a whole.


Introduction – Ida Nafstad and Knut Papendorf

I Restorative Justice – Values, Goals and Challenges

Restorative Justice in Norway, Values and Practices at a Crossroad
Karen Kristin Paus

A Victimological Approach to Restorative Justice
Angela Gómez Pérez

Restorative vs. ‘Traditional’ Justice: Conciliatory Challenges in the 21st Century
Lazaro Enrique Ramos Portal

II Possibilities for Restorative Justice as Part of the Traditional Justice System

Criminal Mediation and Conciliation
Tania de Armas Fonticoba and Arlín Pérez Duharte

Cuban Criminal Policy as a Function of Restorative Justice
Iracema Gálvez Puebla and María Carla de la Guardia Oriol

III Visions for Alternative Legal Procedures

The Peculiar Relations between Crime and Punishment
Hedda Giertsen

Guaranteeing the Chain of Custody for Evidence from the Viewpoint of Restorative Justice
Emma Calderón Arias

Legal Aid for Disadvantaged Groups
Kristian Andenæs

IV Alternatives in a Global Justice Context

Globalization and Risk Society: Their Impact on Penal Expansionism
Mayda Goite Pierre

Globalization, Lack of Public Safety, and What is Left of Criminal Law as Ultima Ratio
Arnel Medina Cuenca

V Socio-legal Perspectives on Alternatives to

Traditional Justice Rationales. What can Lawyers Learn from Legal Philosophy and Sociology of Law?
Knut Papendorf

Restorative Justice: A Meeting Point Between Law in the Books and the Living Law
Ida Nafstad

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Introducción – Ida Nafstad y Knut Papendorf

I Justicia restaurativa – valores, metas y retos

La justicia restaurativa en Noruega: Valores y prácticas en la encrucijada
Karen Kristin Paus

Enfoque victimológico de la Justicia restaurativa
Angela Gómez Pérez

Justicia restaurativa vs. “justicia tradicional”: Retos conciliatorios en el siglo XXI
Lázaro Enrique Ramos Portal

II Posibilidades de la justicia restaurativa como parte del sistema de justicia tradicional

Mediación Penal y Conciliación
Tania de Armas Fonticoba y Arlín Pérez Duharte

Política Criminal en función de la Justicia Restaurativa en Cuba
Iracema Gálvez Puebla y María Carla de la Guardia Oriol

III Visiones de procedimientos legales alternativos

Las peculiares relaciones entre el delito y la pena
Hedda Giertsen

La garantía de la cadena de custodia de los elementos d prueba desde una perspectiva restauradora de la justicia
Emma Calderón Arias

Asistencia jurídica para grupos desfavorecidos
Kristian Andenæs

IV Alternativas en un contexto de justicia global

Globalización y sociedad de riesgo: Su incidencia en el expansionismo penal
Mayda Goite Pierre

Globalización, inseguridad ciudadana, y lo que va quedando del Derecho penal de ultima ratio
Arnel Medina Cuenca

V Perspectivas socio-legales de las alternativas a la fundamentación de la justicia tradicional

¿Qué pueden aprender los abogados de la Filosofía Legal y la Sociología del Derecho?
Knut Papendorf

Justicia restaurativa: Punto de encuentro entre el Derecho codificado y el Derecho viviente
Ida Nafstad

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